aside When Selfless and Selfish Collide

selfish shellfishI am at this moment shaking my head in utter disbelief, disappointment and frustration. The amount of casual selfishness that I see around me is often amazing…people who finish the last of the cream in the fridge at work, those who will park their vehicle so that it is partly blocking your driveway, or even those who tick-tack away at their cell phone while sitting at the dinner table. But all of this I shrug off with an almost condescending sigh, as the inherent selfishness of people these days. I am not like these people, I am self-LESS, I put others before myself all day long, and am proud of it. It makes me a better person, it makes for a better world…yada yada yada.

And then days like today happen when the aforementioned SELFLESS throws a major SELFISH hissy-fit after colliding headfirst with a hard-headed selfish counterpart.

The level of selfishness that this person demonstrated today is so far beyond explanation or excuse, it makes me question how a person can get to that point of disregard for others. What is more disturbing is the effect this SELFISH person has had on wounded SELFLESS person…turning her into a self-pitying, ferocious, hate-filled, revenge-seeking SELFISH basketcase. Why me? What part of my character makes me a target for this type of treatment? Why can’t he think of how his actions will affect my life? My whole day is ruined now because of his stupid face…Me, me, me….

So I have been turned into a selfish, whiny little prat…it didn’t take long to shed my SELFLESS super-hero cape…I wonder if I wear it to hide the ‘occasionally selfish’ sign on my back?


One comment

  1. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to be human. Not that your aim to be selfless should be discounted, because that is one tall order indeed, and kudos to you for all your successes, but still, it’s healthy not to allow others to treat you like a carpet. Selfish, selfless, self-love. All part of the recipe.
    Cheers to you! 😉

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