When The World Had No Colours

FRANKENWEENIEMom, was 1578 a year?….Is that when the world had no colours?                                                   -Abby, age 7

In a world of flashing neon billboards, 3D movies and long-lasting Maybeline lip-stain it is hard to imagine what it was like to sit and watch a black-and -white television show. Our children today are so disconnected and spoiled by their lush, rich environments, that they are out of touch with reality. My daughter’s comments yesterday morning came as my wake up call…she, innocently, thought that the world at one point had no colours. I tried to explain quickly (as we were waiting for the school bus – these moments of hilarity always happen when I don’t have enough time to appreciate them), in terms that a 7 year old could understand, about the improvements in technology over time…to which she remarked … “But what about the movie Frankenweenie…it has no colours and its not old!”

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