Nothing Says “Forever” Like a Dead Mother-In-Law Solitaire

My first re-post, and once you read it, you will understand why! This woman, with a wonderful gift for storytelling, might also be a long lost family member… as her story definitely has Lazenbyish elements to it!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

momring Original image via Flikr Creative Commons, courtesy of Stephen Durham

Ah, tax season spring! May is crammed with holidays, birthdays and weddings. Hint: Mother’s Day, which is bizarrely close to Cinco de Mayo when even white people drink tequila to celebrate something…um, regarding Mexico. I’ve been running a million miles an hour to prepare for DFWWWCon this weekend and after a week beating up the poor flashbacks, I figured it was time for something fun. And nothing lightens the mood like death :D.

I’ve recently hit 40, which means most of my mail consists of flyers for AARP, discounts on hearing aids and prepaid funerals. Yay. Nothing to make a woman still fell young and sexy like a prepaid FUNERAL.


My family is pretty strange when it comes to the subject of “death.” And not like anyone is, per se, “normal” about death, but my family takes weird clean…

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