When Building Feels Like Breaking – Ultimate Truth #1 – Don’t Buy a Pond

Truth #1 – DON’T BUY A POND

My desire to someday have water-front property has been squashed.
My desire to someday have water-front property has suddenly disappeared!

Only beavers and large birds can build a house in a pond … you are not a beaver (bird-brain…maybe, but Bucky The Beaver, no). No matter how small it looks, no matter how easy everyone will say it will be to drain and fill, just don’t do it. Think about it this way, the pond is there for a reason, to hold water that would otherwise be somewhere else on the property. Whether man-made, spring-fed or Mother Nature’s pool of tears, if you drain the pond it will be just a low-lying hole, ready to fill with rain, snow or a combination of the two.

Drain it and back-fill it you say! Okay, easy peasy! Make sure you don’t drain it during monsoon weather or you’ll have to do it multiple times (oh, you don’t have monsoons in Northern Ontario….yes you do now! You just bought a property with a pond that needs draining…that means you will get more rainfall than has ever been recorded in a 2 month span, – its in the fine print). Multiple pump rentals, hundreds of feet of muddy hose, one neighbour’s clogged man-hole, $10K in backfill later, plus 3 visits from the geo-technical engineers to tell you if it is sufficiently compacted to build on (and they say no) – you now have a parking lot that does not like to hold water.

Forecast for tomorrow: more rain, more pain, no gain…

There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza…..

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