CAKE MASTER – I want to be THAT Mom

marshall's cakeMeeMee was NOT that mom…not that she didn’t try, nor that I held it against her…but she was not “the mom that made the coolest cakes in the world”. She did make a few ‘money cakes’ (with coins wrapped in wax paper inserted into the cake) that I remember fondly…but at some point in my childhood I took over in the cake-making department of my home. There were anniversary cakes with sailboats on them, St. Patrick’s day cakes with shamrock-shaped apple slices died green (yup, it was as gross as it sounds)…cakes for all occasions, or no occasion at all. I don’t know what spurred the interest, but the anticipation of seeing the awe on the recipient’s face kept me motivated.

Now that I am a mom I am overwhelmed with the ambition to be THAT MOM. The one all the kids talk about after the birthday parties…”your mom makes the coolest cakes!” I have taken no courses, have not even ventured out to fondant yet, but I so want to be her. Over the years I have made a few really cool cakes for the kids and now they anticipate being surprised by a very cool cake. They hint at the thinks they like best and try to guess what it will look like, but they are also adamant to stick to the tradition of keeping it a secret.

Here are the two cakes I made this year, to rave reviews (the Lego one had a layer of blue cake and a layer of orange cake – Denver Bronco’s colours- on the inside, for an added surprise!)

abby cake

It’s funny, because I don’t feel like I want to compete with the other moms, but I worry that they will feel that way. I want my kids (and I guess their kids) to brag about me, but I don’t want them complaining or competing. Sometimes when I see someone’s super clean house, their amazing meal, or their handmade clothes, I think to myself “I’ll never be that Mom!”…but I have some solace in the fact that maybe I’ll be ‘Cake Mom’. I’ll also be the less popular ‘Homework First Mom’, but if it is Homework First and Cake Second Mom maybe it will all work out!

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