When Building Feels Like Breaking – Part 2

Sound the trumpets and raise the banners, you have walls!

I'll move in now, I don't need doors and windows!  Roofs are overrated!
I’ll move in now, I don’t need doors and windows! Roofs are overrated!

And silly, naive you thought you could never top the pure happiness that washed over you when you saw poured concrete forms! The sight of framing and roof trusses finally going up reduces you to tears of joy.

Look hard at that reflection in the mirror folks, there is a whole new you staring back at the world. Don’t recognize her? Not surprising. She is a version of you that you didn’t know was possible (and sometimes hoped wasn’t possible). She is brow-beaten, exhausted, stressed out, likely a few pounds heavier if you are a stress-eater like me, terrified…breaking but not broken…you.

The word DELAYED sends you into a seizure. One small delay in anything means each project will be pushed back closer to the approaching SNOW season (the only thing you want to hear is delayed) and the BANK deadline -which unfortunately doesn’t speak the same ‘construction’ lingo. The contractors all laugh at you when your brow furrows and your shoulders sag. There is no such thing as ‘on-schedule’ they snort. You were not cut out for this. You love order, predictability, stability, structure – and want a house built with some stability and structure too.

But look a little harder in the mirror. I may be mistaken, but do I see someone who heard that the roofer is leaving for moose hunting season and won’t be back to finish the shingles for a ‘few days’ and she didn’t have a coronary? Are you lightening up? Did the words “let’s just wait a few more days” actually come out of your mouth yesterday when the quote for the drywall didn’t come in? Did you just exercise patience? And forgive me for noticing, but I’m pretty sure I saw you smile at the counter-person at Home Depot when you ordered that unbelievably beautiful hardwood ash flooring for 50 cents more a square foot than you budgeted for?

Are you breaking down? Yes. Does it hurt? Absolutely. Are you perhaps building back up a little bit stronger, wiser, more relaxed? Maybe. Was it worth it? We’ll see….

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