Are you more Oatmeal Cookie or Peach Flan? (Choosing your Grandparent Name)

Nan and her Great Grand Children
Nan and her Great Grand Children
Mee Mee and Great Gramma with the kids






Growing up with the Lazenbys meant my Grandparents (and I had a lot of them) all had different names. It didn’t seem odd, but it was a topic of conversation with my friends many times, as they usually had only the standard Grandma and Grandpa to go visit. I had Nan and Gramps, Gramma and Grampa, Grammie and Grampie (greats), Memere and Pepere (greats) and Grandpa Chapman (great). Each person was as different as their name, so of course it came as no surprise to me when my parents, when faced with choosing their Grandparent names, took the process very seriously.

Come to think of it, for most people who haven’t followed in Phoebe Buffet’s footsteps (renaming herself Princess Consuella Banana-Hammock during an episode Friends), this is a chance to CHOOSE how people (little and big people) address you. It is a chance for your personality to show, as those little ankle-biters yell out your name at the local playground. It will be a name that brings back great memories to those same munchkins as they age, evoking images of their childhood adventures.

I already know I want to be Grammie. But when I asked my husband about what his name will be (hopefully 20 years from now – oh, and he said Papa- doesn’t that sound nice together??), I couldn’t answer WHY I chose Grammie. So, as with all questions I can’t answer, I got me to thinking… I thought about my grandparents’ names, and the names my parents picked. What images came to mind, what personality traits, what memories, and I came up with the following Grandmother Name Profile (also works for Grandfathers). I know this isn’t very scientific, but it was super fun. I also found out I was not going to make millions off this breakthrough when it took only one Google Search to find a quiz based on similar associations: What do you think, do you fall into one of these categories, or do you need your own? If you have read much on this blog I think you will find that my parents’ chosen grandparent names (Mee Mee and Pops) suit them perfectly.

  • Name: Mee Mee (also Mimi, or Meme)
  • Favourite Drink: Earl Grey Tea with Sugar and Milk, or Pro-biotic Fruit Smoothie, or Sangria
  • Favourite Dessert to serve the kids: whipped cream and chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Vacation Destination: Where-ever the wind blows me
  • Grandmothering attire: floppy sun hat, khaki shorts, rubber boots and sunglasses
  • Car: bicycle
  • Celebrity/Character Doppelgängers: Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon

  • Name: Nan (not Nanny!)
  • Favourite Drink: Tea, Darjeeling
  • Favourite Dessert to serve the kids: pecan pie 
  • Vacation DestinationEuropean River Boat Cruise
  • Grandmothering attire: Visor, white pants & striped shirt, orthopedic sandals
  • Car: train
  • Celebrity/Character Doppelgänger: Helen Mirren, Judy Densch

  • Name: Gramma, Grandma or Gran
  • Favourite Drink: Lemonade
  • Favourite Dessert to serve the kids: Cookies and Ice Cream
  • Vacation DestinationFlorida 
  • Grandmothering attire: Visor, khaki pants, golf shirt and tennis shoes
  • Car: Mini-Van
  • Celebrity/Character Doppelgänger: Betty White, Mrs. Doubtfire


  • Name: Mee Maw (also Maw Maw, Mammie, Grams)
  • Favourite Drink: Long Island Ice-Tea
  • Favourite Dessert to serve the kids: Apple Pie with a slice of cheese
  • Vacation DestinationPunta Cana
  • Grandmothering attirebig sunglasses, flip flops
  • Car: any convertible
  • Celebrity/Character Doppelgänger: Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis



  • Name: Grammie (this is me)
  • Favourite Drink: Hot Lemon and Honey
  • Favourite Dessert to serve the kids: Homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Vacation DestinationCape Cod
  • Grandmothering attireJeans, Tshirt and a back-pack
  • Car: station wagon
  • Celebrity/Character Doppelgänger: Sally Field, Jane Seymour


  1. I want to BE Helen Mirren or Judy Densch when I grow up. Not sure about the attire, however. That was fun, though.

    • So funny, my dad wavered on pappy or pops….i think he stuck with pops because while discussing it we kept accidentally saying mee mee and pee pee!

  2. I liuked the sound, its was distinctive, and it made me think of fun…sugar pops, pop candy, popsicle, pops and robbers, pop a doodle dooo, anyhow, fun yes, and such a serious role.

  3. re: June 11, 2015 Blog on Grandparents names: Wow, your google-research on the ‘Mee Mee’ definition has characterized me to a ‘tea’. I am pleased to see that I picked the most appropriate whimsical name for myself. Especially in the areas of : •Vacation Destination: Where-ever the wind blows me
    •Grandmothering attire: floppy sun hat, khaki shorts, rubber boots and sunglasses
    •Car: bicycle
    Bravo. You hit the nail on the head.

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