Fat Balls…For the Birds

The Blue Jay

One of the things we looked forward to most when building our new house was being able to live, experience and watch the great outdoors. To have TREES around us, oh how you miss it! So this spring has been amazing so far, especially since the weather has cooperated so well, and we have been campfiring, tree chopping, raking, digging, skipping, walking, biking, bird watching, frog catching and chipmunk feeding like crazy!

DSCF8126 (1)
Abby, Marshall and Juliana (brazilian student) showing off their Fat Ball Cardinal

So last night we made Fat Balls. Yup, big balls of fat (lard) in hopes of attracting even more birds. The bird feeders were made by Pops last year and are a welcome addition to our yard. We may need to hang them a bit higher, however, as I didn’t consider the bear factor. So far so good, though.




The Cardinal
The Cardinal

No bites yet, but we did have an enormous Pileated Woodpecker this morning (we’ll see if my sneaky photography skills captured anything when I load the pictures tonight) in the front yard, and we have a hummingbird feeder yet to put up!


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