Cake Mom – Adventures in Fondant Edition

SO EXCITED to share with you my first foray into true FONDANT bliss.

Friends of ours asked me to bake them a gender-revealing cake for their baby shower and I was instantly pumped! I had recently baked an enormous cake for our Brazilian student Juliana’s going away party and tye-died the interior rainbow colours, and had made a blue and orange interior for Marshall’s Lego/Denver Bronco’s cake, so I was already well-versed in the surprise-center cake (a la Cadbury Egg – oh, wouldn’t that be something, a cake with a cream-egg center? ah, but for another time).

Rowe Cake - 1Rowe Cake - 2After a few minutes googling gender-revealing cake ideas I had come up with a personal twist. Our friends both play hockey, so I made 2 hockey jersey’s (one pink and one blue) with their last names on it. My first try in covering a whole cake in fondant, and I think it turned out great!


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