A Little About the Author

If you have read any of the posts on this blog, or anything else I have written, you will not be surprised to know that I am the oldest daughter of two of the most interesting people on the planet, older sister to two very unique siblings, mother to two of the most loving children, grand and great-granddaughter, niece, and cousin. You do not get to choose who you are related to, but I count myself lucky, most days, that my family members are more like characters…and some even like caricatures. I also count myself lucky everyday to have chosen a wonderful man to share my life with, who assures me my family is as nutty as I think they are, and that it is okay.

I am only just getting going on my blogging journey and it is now just a place to get the things in my head out on virtual paper, so there is more room in there to learn more things and dream bigger…sometimes it feels just so damned crowded in there. I have always found writing to be both therapeutic and educational, for the writer as much as the reader.

Disclaimer/Warning to my friends and family:

I’m sorry. I love you all just the way you are, but you are just so damned funny, annoying, irritating, eccentric, obnoxious, talented and unique, it is hard not to share your stories. Even the ones you’d rather forget.  So, my advice is to you is to just continue reading…it all ends well, I promise.


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